Accepted posters and papers

  1. Model Identification for Optimal Diesel Emissions Control.
    Andrew Stevens, Yannan Sun, Xiaobo Song and Gordon Parker.

  2. Learning Executable Models of Multiagent Behavior from Live Animal Observation.
    Brian Hrolenok and Tucker Balch.

  3. Model Selection in Markovian Processes.
    Assaf Hallak, Dotan Di-Castro and Shie Mannor.

  4. Nonparametric System Identification for Periodic Error Correction.
    Edgar Klenske, Bernhard Schölkopf and Philipp Hennig.

  5. Hilbert Space Embeddings of Predictive State Representations.
    Byron Boots, Arthur Gretton and Geoffrey Gordon.

  6. An Instrumental Least Squares Support Vector Machine for System Identification.
    Roland Toth, Vincent Laurain and Dario Piga.

  7. Boosting an operator-valued kernel model and application to network inference.
    Néhémy Lim, Yasin Senbabaoglu, George Michailidis and Florence D'Alché-Buc.

  8. Robust Learning of Dynamics for Large Neural Ensembles.
    David Pfau, Eftychios Pnevmatikakis and Liam Paninski.

  9. Gaussian Conditional Random Fields for Modeling Patient's Response in Acute Inflammation Treatment.
    Vladan Radosavljevic, Kosta Ristovski and Zoran Obradovic.

  10. Discriminative System Identification via the Principle of Maximum Causal Entropy.
    Xiangli Chen and Brian Ziebart.